May 23, 2017 Tavia Wilson

Whole30 week 1!

Whole 30 Week 1!By Jaclyn Clarkson

Well, I made it through week 1! I bet you are all curious how it’s going with 6 women in our office on this special elimination diet….and to be honest I thought it would be a big grumpy disaster around the office, but in reality it has been amazing!

If I can just take a minute to thank everyone doing this with me, Chelsea, Tavia, Carly, Klara, and Sheila, you ladies are rocking it! If you are a patient here, you know that our office is a very tight knight, inclusive, and very supportive environment. These ladies are the most positive bunch you will find anywhere.  

There has been a lot of recipe sharing, food processor miracles, smoothie mishaps, and a bit of mushy cauliflower rice…ick….but overall this week is a huge success.

You might be wondering why on earth I would all choose to do this program. Well let me tell you. I am a person with a few digestive challenges, and in recent months have gotten to a point that I needed to do an elimination diet. So I came across this diet and it was the perfect thing for me! I actually became a nutritionist because of my own digestive challenges, so as you can imagine, I have tried every way of eating, every fad known to man. My energy was less than low, my digestion was angry, my headaches were constant, and my concentration was getting worse by the day, not to mention the constant weight gain and stress. Let’s just say I was at my lowest place health-wise I had ever been despite having all my nutrition knowledge. Like everyone else, life caught up with me and stress took me down! I am a full time student of Osteopathy so my workload is beyond heavy and the stress is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I knew that in order for me to graduate with my degree and my health and happiness something had to be done! Enter, Whole 30!

Now, one week in, I actually got up 1 hour earlier this morning; before coming to work, to cook. And then I had time to package it all up, and eat breakfast sitting at my table, relaxed. And I am NOT exhausted! I have much more energy, my attitude is far more positive and happy, I am dealing with stress better, my stomach has not complained more than once this week(which has not happened in months!), and I am starting to sleep better.  

Some of the other benefits this week have been more habitual changes. I have started cooking again; and in turn cleaning my kitchen daily, which has lessened my stress. I have started paying more attention to food products and to how much I was consuming versus how much I am consuming now. I have gone back to regular exercise for the pure enjoyment of it, instead of to work off the extra calories, which was a huge victory for me as I have had to stop exercising due to health. I was a competitive athlete my entire life, so to be unable to exercise was actually causing me stress. To be back at it, even just 3 days a week with a few hikes thrown in as well has been so uplifting and encouraging.  

All in all, Whole 30 week 1 is a huge success! It can only get better from here!

If you have been thinking about joining us but think you missed the deadline, don’t worry you can still participate! You can start any time, I am always here as a resource for you as I will be following the program beyond the 30 days. All it takes is the cost of a 30 minutes visit with myself Jaclyn Clarkson (Holistic Nutritionist), to explain how it will work, and give you a package of information. I am available for all your questions, challenges, and recipe needs!

If you want to learn more about it, or would like to book your appointment to get started, please call us at 905-257-5888, or go online to book an appointment with me at www.themassageclinic.ca .

Yours in Health,

Jaclyn Clarkson B.A., R.H.N