Father’s Day Giveaway!

Make his day with our GIVEAWAY!

Starting today until Thursday June 17th at 5:00pm, the purchase of any gift certificate valued at $50 or more enters dad into our Father’s Day draw!

5 winners will be announced on Friday, June 18th. He could win;

  • a gift card from The Olive Press ($50 value)
  • a custom-made charcuterie board from Art with Heart by Niki ($95 value)
  • an Arbonne Healthy Living Core Pack- Nutrition Gift Basket ($355 value)
  • a Tasting Kit and Cooler Package from Nickel Brook Brewing ($145 value)
  • a Reishi Wellness- Organo Beverage Assortment basket ($150 value)

Call or email to purchase your gift card today! Gift cards can be applied to any of our services.


*Images may not reflect exact prize packaging

Chiro Vs. Osteo

Ever wonder what the difference is between Chiro and Osteo?

Without a doubt, osteopaths and chiropractors have many similarities due to their related origins.

💆Both disciplines believe that the body is able to heal when the structures are aligned. They provide hands-on treatment that works to release tension in joints, muscles, nerves and fascia in order to promote healing.

The assessment and approach, however are different.

🦴Chiros assess and treat primarily with muscles and joints of the body with their core emphasis on the spine and skeleton. They may incorporate other tools like activators and instruments into treatment aswell.

🔊Chiros are well known for their audible ‘cracking’ sound of spinal joints during their adjustments.

🌿 Osteos, on the other hand, use a more holistic approach including visceral, lymph and fluid dynamics into the picture. This allows Osteopaths to pay attention to the multiple systems of the body collectively.

👋Osteopaths generally utilize a wider range of manual techniques and rely solely on their palpations to assess and treat the body. These techniques do not involve any ‘cracking’ sounds when working with the tissues.

🫂Both disciplines have the same desire for you in achieving your health and wellness goals.

‼️Not one profession is better than another, you just need to find out WHAT and WHO works best for YOU 😁

Meet Sunny, our Osteopath! 
 If you’ve been interested in Osteopathy and wanted to learn more, now is your chance!

We invite you to attend a quick, informal introduction to the world of Osteopathy, what’s involved and what you can expect during treatment.

Book your virtual Meet & Greet through our online booking system or email sunny@themassageclinic.ca today!

We Are Open!

Wednesday July 1st, from 7:30am – 2pm for Physio and Chiro!

Email to book!


What you need to know!

Upon Arrival

  1. Prescreening questionnaire must be completed online before your appointment (or completed verbally over phone)
  2. Please do not enter clinic upon arrival. Please stay in your car and call us to inform us of your arrival. We will call you to let you know when it is safe to enter the clinic. 
  3. All Clients will be required to wear a clean disposable or reusable mask in the clinic at all times (if you do not have a mask, we do have them for sale)
  4. No additional visitors will be permitted other than the individual receiving treatment
  5. Our waiting room will be closed and clients will be asked to go directly into their treatment room for intake
  6. Social distancing of 2 metres is required between other clients 
  7. Hand sanitizer station is available to use upon arrival
  8. Please remove shoes at the front door and sanitized slippers will be provided
  9. Infrared thermometer is available for additional screening
  10. Roster will be kept of anyone entering the space for contact tracing purposes

    Please bring your own water bottle already filled. Any PPE that you bring into the clinic or use, must be taken with you when you leave.

Cleaning Measures

  1. Massage therapists will be required to wear surgical masks during any interaction within 2 metres
  2. Gloves are available upon request
  3. We have increased the time between appointments by 15-20 minutes to allow for thorough cleaning and screening precautions
  4. All multi-touch surfaces will be sanitized between clients
  5. All garbage bins have been changed to foot pedal ones for limiting touch
  6. Surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with government approved cleaners for use against COVID-19 (May contain alcohol)
  7. Any cloth material surface (sheets, blankets, etc) will be removed between clients
  8. Washroom will be open and surfaces will be cleaned between every appointment