September 10, 2020 Tavia Wilson

Step Outside of Your Golf Shoes

What if I told you that your golf shoes will help you hit the ball further, you just have to add the missing piece? Anything for more yardage, right?

What if I told you this missing piece was free? Anything for free right?

Well, that missing piece lies deep within the shoes. Do we give out free golf socks with guaranteed yardage? No, of course not. 

The missing piece is you. You and your ability to connect yourself with your shoes. Feel the ground and generate a force that flows through you to the ground when striking the golf ball. 

Magic socks would have been a lot easier but unfortunately they don’t exist.

There is no quick fix to a dysfunctional foot. If you’re having dysfunction in your feet and don’t know where to start correcting things, we can help. Come see us at the clinic and we will put you on the right path to life long results. It’s going to take dedication and a little effort. But you’ll be up on your feet in no time!

FRC Related to Golf

It is well known that flexibility plays an important role in golf, but what is more important is controlled flexibility. Being actively mobile through your range of motion over passively flexible will build a better golf swing. More strength and less injuries goes a long way on the golf course, and in life. 

What FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) can do for your swing is target areas of limitation and break them open in a safe progressive system that will allow you to move not only more freely, but with more strength and body awareness. Let you feel confident that this weekend when you’re teeing up the ball, you’re not going to “throw your back out”.Control the backswing, and control the follow through.Golf is a rotational sport, key areas during the golf swing include:

  • -spinal rotation
  • -hip rotation
  • -shoulder rotation 

Here is an, obviously exaggerated example: Left picture: the deep squat allows you get down and read the green quick and easily.

Right picture: now clearly there are some advantages to getting your face that level with the ground… by all means whatever works! I think we can all agree the squat would be more efficient!Having the ability to get into a squat is a standard human movement that almost everyone is capable of. Due to our lifestyle and years of sitting, most of us have lost this ability.

FRC can be used to open up the hip joint in all ranges and help get you back to this position that was once so easy as a child.

Having the ability to get into a squat will benefit you greatly in everyday life. Need to pick up something heavy? Well if your hips feel “stiff” you’ll most likely bend with your back in a compromised spine position. The squat will allow you to get lower, gain more leverage and lift with your legs, maintaining a neutral spine.

Need more info? Michael is happy to help!


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