March 28, 2020 Tavia Wilson

Running Programs!

Sitting on the couch wondering what exercise you could be doing? Thinking about starting running? Are you stuck on where to start?

For you I have here 5 different running programs. Please read the description below to help you choose the right program for you! If you have any extra questions please don’t hesitate to direct message me or comment below!

Please still adhere to the social distancing rules if you are going out on the streets or tracks.


The first 2 programs are very similar, the first 1 is done by distance and the second done by time. For these 2 programs I recommend them for someone that has ran or played a running based sport in the past 5 years, but not much running in the past 2 years or you just want to start enjoying your running again. The third program is for those that have never ran and want to start somewhere comfortable. This program can be used and modified for certain ages and for people with recent injuries and people going through rehab, please direct message if you need a modification or have any questions on this!

The forth and fifth programs are for those people going for a 5km distance! The forth program is a 30 day program where you will reach 5km on day 30, you will be doing a little something every day of the 30 days. The fifth program is a 6 week 5km program where you will be running 3 days a week with 2 easy walking days, you will reach 5km on the Sunday of week 6.


You can use these programs to build up your running! You can start with the third program and move up to the first or second program, then from those programs you can move up to a 5km program!! Work towards what your goals are!

If the demand continues I don’t mind making 10km and up programs for you individually, Please don’t hesitate in sending me a message!