June 25, 2017 Tavia Wilson

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! 🎂🎉🍾

Happy 2nd Anniversary To Us!!!!! We can not believe that it was only two years ago today that we opened our doors! We started out with just one Massage Therapist, and now we have grown to a full multidisciplinary clinic! Our services now include Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Athletic Therapy, Osteopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Naturopathic Doctor, compression garments and orthotics. . My have we grown!! Not only have we grown, and built an amazing team, but our team is more like a family. We support each other through both professional and personal growth and development. We are so proud of what we have accomplished in just two years! Looking forward to what we can do in the years to come! #themassageclinichealthcentres #oakville #burlington #toronto #massagetherapy #physicaltherapy #chiropractic #athletictherapy #holisticnutrition #osteopathy #naturopathicmedicine