June 20, 2017 Tavia Wilson

30 And Done!….maybe

Whole 30 Queen. We made it! 30 days, no grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, junk food or alcohol. We are all feeling fantastic, with new perspectives on our food and everyday habits. Let me tell you about some of the highlights of our journey.

First, there was ravenous hunger ALL the time! Luckily this lasted only about 3 days! Second, there came an over-abundance of fruit; pineapple and I are currently on a break….enough said. Third, came the great night of sleep…..zzzzz! So wonderful, and so highly recommended for all things healing and peaceful. By the halfway mark we had all shed about 2 inches of inflammation from head to toe and dropped a couple of unnecessary pounds. By the end I think we can all safely say we learned something about kicking cravings to the curb and becoming master food preppers!

You might be wondering what we ate for 30 days. Everything! Anything that constitutes a whole and well balanced diet we were allowed to eat. We utilized all the fresh fruits and vegetables we could get into our days, made our own sauces and dips, mayonnaise and toppings; roasted chickens and char-broiled steaks!

Did we miss anything, like chocolate? We thought we did, but as I can attest, once it is over and you try that thing you thought you were missing so much, it turned out the appeal had totally left, and the craving you had was really just your mind playing tricks on you. Admittedly, the first week was a bit of trial and error, trying to locate a beef broth or a tomato paste we could use that didn’t have sugar added. But once we got our sources sorted out, it was smooth sailing. And it was not difficult at all, as it was not restrictive of how much you could eat. We weren’t deprived, or hungry and it didn’t take long to get used to a new way of eating.

Each person who participated seemed to gain a different benefit from the experience. While some of us were doing it for dietary and health reasons, others just wanted to kick some bad habits and learn to eat more healthy foods and eat regularly. There were some victories, like eating salad for the first time and starting to like vegetables and eating her first avocado! And there were, of course, some flops, like banana pancakes that turned out to be banana mush…..but overall, all the ladies who participated did an amazing job!

I tracked everyone’s progress with weekly measurements and weigh-ins and the results were by far the best results I have seen with any program I have ever run. While usually there are a few people who do really well, there are typically a few who do not make it. During the Whole30, EVERYONE, did well and had incredible results. The most incredible result was 5 inches of inflammation off of one person. That is unbelievable! The average amount of inflammation was 2 inches over the whole body for everyone. It is not meant as a weight loss program but the most weight lost was 4lbs with the average being 2lbs. We had ladies of all different body types and ages, and the results were very uniform across the board. Everyone was more rested, no bloating, cravings reduced or gone, less headaches, more clear thinking, and generally much more energy.

If you are reading this thinking you might like to try it, it is not too late! Just contact the front reception to learn more about how you can be guided through the program by myself Jaclyn Clarkson R.H.N.