Sitting kills you

I have talked to a lot of my clients about the amount of time they sit at their desk. I know that it is unavoidable. One thing that I tell my clients to do is set an alarm on their phone, computer, or clock to go off every hour. Once an hour get out of your chair! Stretch your neck and shoulders. Drink water. Walk around. It only takes a couple of minutes, and makes a difference in your muscles.


Auto Insurance

This article has come to me at the perfect time.

I have been working as an RMT in Oaville for the last 8 years. During this time I have treated many clients that have been in car accidents. Dealing with the insurance companies isn’t alwayseasy. And in the last couple of years it has been harder and harder to get treatment plans approved. This article sheds some light on the process.

It has and always will be my goal to get them back to pre-accident status in terms of pain, discomfort, ROM, ADL’s, work duties etc. This doesn’t always come with the help and ease of the insurance companies.