First Post!

Nowadays it is hard to find someone who hasn’t been affected by cancer, whether you have personally been touched by cancer or you know someone who has. It doesn’t just affect the person diagnosed with cancer; it has an effect on family, friends, and the personal support system.

I want to learn more about the types of cancer, types of treatments, the effects on the body, and how it indirectly affects the people around- family, friends etc. With this being said, I want to know how I can help; how Massage Therapy can help.

Starting June 4th, I will be taking part in a cancer study clinic. It will be dedicated to the clients who are experiencing late or persistent effects of cancer treatments and will focus on how therapeutic massage can be used safely and effectively with this population.

This course is just the first of many that I will take to learn more about cancer, its effects, and how massage can help.