Holistic Nutrition refers to the practise of using whole, natural, and active ingredients in combination with a healthy lifestyle; to achieve each person’s optimal health. It can help with a variety of issues, most commonly food allergy/sensitivity, weight loss/gain, digestive complaints/illnesses, diabetes, sports nutrition, asthma, skin conditions, PMS/Menopause/thyroid. The goal of a holistic practitioner is to help find the root cause of the symptoms and not just treat the symptoms themselves.

Initial Consult = 1-hour consult, 1-hour follow up to discuss the individual protocol, and the time included for me to create the protocol =$170

Follow-Up visit- 30 minutes = $60

Follow- Up visit 15 minutes= $40

Meal Plans

2 weeks= $100

For each additional hour I spend creating anything special or beyond 2 weeks I charge $60/hour

Elimination Protocol 

5 weeks $290 (as a base line)

Initial consult

30 minute follow up 2 weeks in

15 minute follow up calls or email every other day while they are introducing foods to confirm they are doing okay