How to care for your compression garments?

How to care for compression garments?


One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How do I care for my compression garment to keep it fitting properly?”

Juzo’s product team shares the best settings to wash and dry your garment and tips for preventing snags.



Have more questions about the care for your compression garments? Klara Ric and Tavia Wilson are more than happy to help!




How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

With winter in full swing now is the time our minds wander to warmer climates – and the opportunity to travel to them isn’t far behind! Unfortunately, some aspects of travel can cause a pause in the fun. While we look forward to being whisked away to somewhere new, we often forget that drastic shifts in climate can open us up to attacks on our immune systems, new environments hold a variety of unexpected flora and fauna, and experimenting with local cuisines can play roulette with our digestive systems.

In spite of all of this, I love to travel too! That’s why I’ve developed a list of the most important precautions to take prior to taking off for your next exotic destination so you can get the most out of your upcoming vacations!

Pre-Travel Prep

Taking a daily multivitamin to ensure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need for optimal health is always a good idea, but it’s extra important when you’re preparing for a trip that could include flying and staying in various accommodations. Be sure to include Zinc, B-complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3 to strengthen your immune system before and after your trip.


Making sure you’re well hydrated is critical preparation for trips as dehydration is a major factor in travel. Since travel generally includes conditions such as travelling in un-humidified airplanes, being in hot or arid climates, or exerting more energy than usual; we need to ensure that our hydration levels are optimized to support changes in bodily functions. When the airline attendant asks for your beverage order take it as a signal to have a glass of water and avoid those cups of coffee or glasses of wine. And – never be shy to ask for refills. If anyone knows in-flight dehydration, it’s the cabin crew!


Travel Supplements

It’s not just fun to experience new places, travel can be so exciting that it can send your body into high gear. Think for a moment about your last vacation. How many new situations, thrilling moments, and unexpected occurrences did you experience? While you worked through each of them, your body’s coping mechanisms were in full effect, helping you to experience joy, exhilaration, and stress – all heightened by brand new circumstances. When you consider it that way, it’s clear that everything including your digestive system, immunity, circadian rhythm, and even your adrenal glands are on active duty. Help your body to manage these ups and downs with natural supplements:


Adaptogens like reishi, ashwagandha, and holy basil can help fight stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Begin taking your preferred adaptogen at least a week before you travel. Natural supplements take time to build to reach peak efficacy.


Antimicrobioals are proven pathogen killers that can assist your digestive and immune systems in warding off new strains of bacteria to which your body might not be accustomed. Sometimes our best efforts to avoid foods like washed salads and raw vegetables that cause common stomach bugs still don’t keep us safe. In that case it’s good to know you can start early and ward off traveler’s tummy and diarrhea with antimicrobials like oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract and colloidal silver.


Melatonin helps your body rebalance its circadian rhythm or find homeostasis in its wake and sleep cycle. This is the supplement of choice for fighting jet lag! Most melatonin supplements suggest taking the dose before going to bed in your new destination, and to do for a couple of days until you feel you’ve adapted.



We talk about the benefits of these good bacteria often – and for good reasons! Keeping your gut flora nice and strong is of extra importance when travelling since there are many instances when you could encounter new or different foods and beverages. Even a seemingly innocent salad could harbour a surprise when eaten in a foreign land, since bacteria in water differ greatly around the world, as do food care standards! Help your gut to be as healthy as possible prior to and during your trip by supplementing with a great probiotic.


Ginger is world renown for easing nausea, stomach upset, indigestion, and even motion sickness. Sometimes there’s no need to try over-the-counter medications when a good natural supplement can also do an effective job. Keep some natural ginger chews with you at all times for when those unforeseen moments strike.

First Aid Kit

A classic first aid kit is always welcome when going away. You can purchase a travel sized one at any pharmacy or make your own. I always include:

  • Adhesive bandages (multiple sizes)

  • Adhesive tape

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Antiseptic wound cleanser (like alcohol or iodine pads)

  • Blister pads or moleskin

  • Gauze

  • Safety pins and scissors

Sun Care

Whether you’re going surfing or snowboarding or something in between, you always need to protect your skin from sun exposure. The reflective glare from sea and snow can make your skin more prone to burns which not only make your trip less enjoyable but it can also be dangerous in the long run. Look for natural ingredients such as zinc oxide which is a mineral used to create a physical block from the sun. Additional ingredients such as vitamin E or C are also nice ways of giving your skin a nice boost of topical antioxidants.  My favourite sunscreen is the Garden Goddess brand.  We carry it at the clinic.


If you’re taking any prescription medication, please be sure to have enough for the duration of your trip, plus a couple of extra doses, in case of unanticipated travel changes. Always make sure that your prescriptions are in labelled bottles and that you also have a doctor’s note if necessary, as some medications might not be universally understood or accepted in different countries.

Travel is exciting and has so many benefits from providing a well-deserved break from routine to exploring history and learning about different cultures to taking on new challenges and building new skills. We want you to get the very most out of your adventures, no matter how relaxed or extreme they might be.

If you’re travelling soon and want to review how to best prepare you and your family before heading away, please book an appointment here. Together we can make sure that you’re ready for all the excitement that lies ahead in good health!

Here’s to your next adventure!

Dr. Lisa Vecchi, ND



Therapeutic Massage and Breast Cancer

Massage and Breast Cancer

The Effects of Therapeutic Massage and Breast Cancer

The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario, has a great research article on Effects of therapeutic massage on the quality of life among patients with breast cancer during treatment.

As an Oncology Massage Therapist, the one statement that is commonly made by my Oncology clients is that the massage, the room, the environment..this is the one place that, during treatment treatment, they don’t feel like a ‘test subject’, ‘cancer patient’.. they get to feel like themselves again. Added to this is a decrease in their anxiety, depression, nausea and other side effects of their chemo or radiation.

Here is a brief overview of the research article, taken from The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario.

OBJECTIVE: Therapeutic massage has demonstrated positive physical and emotional benefits to offset the effects of treatments associated with breast cancer. The goal of this study was to assess the impact of therapeutic massage on the quality of life of patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

DESIGN: Using a pre/post intervention assessment design, this prospective, convenience sample pilot study measured anxiety, pain, nausea, sleep quality, and quality of life. Treatment consisted of one 30-minute treatment per week for 3 consecutive weeks.

OUTCOME MEASURES: Instruments selected for this study were used in previous massage therapy studies to measure quality of life/health status and have documented validity and reliability.

RESULTS: Participants experienced a reduction in several quality of life symptom concerns after only 3 weeks of massage therapy. Respondents’ cumulative pre- and post-massage mean for state anxiety, sleep quality, and quality of life/functioning showed significant improvement. Among study participants, there was variability in reported episodes of nausea, vomiting, and retching; although participants reported decreased pain and distress, changes were non-significant.

CONCLUSIONS: Therapeutic massage shows potential benefits for ameliorating the effects of breast cancer treatment by reducing side affects of chemotherapy and radiation and improving perceived quality of life and overall functioning.

Sturgeon, M., Wetta-Hall, R., Hart, T., Good, M., & Dakhil, S. (April 2009). Effects of therapeutic massage on the quality of life among patients with breast cancer during treatment. Journal Of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 15(4), 373-380. 




Tavia Wilson

Registered Massage Therapist

Combined Decongestive Therapist

Oncology Massage Therapist


Two soft pillows with blue striped covers isolated on white background


For some reason in January all my patients start asking about pillows! The long dark days of January are tiring, and we are all trying to get some good rest after the holidays… as we try to tackle some (or one) of the many goals we envisioned for 2018.

A good pillow for sleeping should be comfortable to lay your head upon, but most importantly it must support your neck keeping it in alignment with the rest of your spine. There are many different pillows on the market today from traditional feather and fiber ones to shaped pillows, memory foam and buckwheat pillows. It can be difficult to know what to choose.

There is no one “best” pillow for everyone. Try these tips to pick the pillow that’s right for you.

  • Choose a size of pillow suitable for your body size or frame. The pillow should cover the entire back of your neck to avoid putting pressure on your spine.
  • Try out the pillow. Most pillows are packaged in a plastic wrapper so you can lay it on a display bed in the store and put your head on it. This is the best way to find out if you are on the right track.
  • A hypoallergenic pillow is a must if you suffer from allergies, but it is also a good choice for anyone.
  • Buckwheat filled pillows have become increasingly popular. Buckwheat is hypoallergenic, it will mold to the contours of your head and neck providing good support, but it will also change shape when you move.

A good quality, supportive pillow provides many benefits including a better night’s sleep, improved circulation, fewer aches and pains and even reduced snoring. Take your time and choose carefully. Your neck and back will thank you for it!

Dr. Alexandra

Time for your winter immune boost!!




There are so many people sick right now. You don’t want to be one of them.

The number of flu cases in 2018 is predicted to be exceptionally high.


Help boost your immunity this cold and flu season with homeopathic remedies!


For those who started their immunity treatment in the fall, it is time for your second dose!

If you missed the fall dose, it’s never too late to start.
Choose from 2 days (or call us to book another time)
Wednesday, January 17th 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Thursday, January 18th 12:00 – 1:00 pm


More about the remedies…

activates and supports the defense mechanisms of your body to better defend you from viruses

oral administration

safe for anyone 2 years and older including pregnant and breast feeding mothers

the effectiveness of the remedies is not reduced if you have had the conventional flu shot

most effective if administered once in October and once in January (more often for those with increased exposure)

cost is $50 per treatment including the taxes

covered by most extended health benefits as a Naturopathic Visit


Book your time by:

website www.themassageclinic.ca(under flu clinic)

email info@themassageclinic.ca

phone 905-257-5888

3rd Annual Food and Toy Drive




The Massage Clinic Health Centres is once again very pleased to support our local community! Until December 21st, we will be collecting non-perishable food donations and new and unwrapped toys in support of the Oakville Foodshare Food Bank and the Oakville Firefighters Annual Toy Drive.

Don’t leave your benefits behind!

It’s that crazy time of year again! The Holidays are a tough time of year with all the demands on our schedules and trying to check off everything on your list. Even with this busy period, it is important to not put your health on the back burner. Why let the low back or neck pain get worse, or prolong the question in the back of your head that maybe it is time to check in with your naturopath? Do yourself a favour and take a look at your benefits package! We all work hard for our money, and many are fortunate to have health plans that come from that hard work. It’s time to take advantage of your benefit package, and do something kind for yourself.

Start booking your appointments now until the end of the year to help decrease stress and to add more benefit to your treatments. Booking your appointments in advance allows for you and your therapist to stay on track with your treatment plan. Each client’s treatment plan is different, and allows the practioner and client to make positive changes happen by having purpose, focus and direction. These plans also empower you to take charge of your own health care progress! It is important to remember that prevention is always better than a cure, and to try and make continuous progress even if you aren’t having regular flare ups or pain episodes. The best way to stay on track with your plan, and to ensure you get a time that works for your appointment frequency and schedule, is too book in advance.

Understand what you are entitled to through your health benefits plan. If you aren’t sure what your coverage is, or what you have left, our reception team is able to call your insurance company for you during your appointment to find out! Book an appointment today to help this season be joyful, and stress free.


As you read this article, more than likely on your phone or tablet, take a moment to notice your posture. There’s a good chance that your back is hunched, your head is tilted forward and your shoulders are rounded. Many of us spend a large portion of our day looking at a screen as we text friends, scroll through social media and respond to emails. Be sure to keep an eye on your posture during these activities. Your back and neck will thank you.

Did you know that bending your head to look at your phone can put up to 60 pounds of pressure on your spine? A 2014 study in Surgical Technology International showed that even a 15-degree head tilt adds 27 pounds of pressure. As we use our phones and laptops more and more, that stress adds up!

Hand-held devices aren’t going anywhere soon — they’re useful and convenient. As you tap and swipe, follow these tips to avoid the aches and pains that come with the digital age.
Take a break

Holding up your phone or tablet for extended periods of time can strain the muscles in your shoulders, arms and fingers. Let your arms rest at your sides every so often.

The 20-20-20 rule

Give your eyes a break! Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look about 20 feet ahead (or as far as possible).

Change positions

Next time you’re thinking of pulling an all-nighter, try to avoid sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Get up and walk around!

Aim higher

Raise your phone up closer to eye level to reduce strain on your neck. When binge-watching on your tablet or laptop, be sure to prop it up against something so your shoulders and arms can relax.

Stretch it out

Slowly turn your head towards your left shoulder, hold for five seconds and repeat on your right side. You can also download Straighten Up Canada! — a free app developed by Canada’s chiropractors with videos of stretches you can do to help your posture in just three minutes!


Full -Time RMT – Locum Needed!

Clients are already booked – we just need you!
We are looking to fill hours starting the week of the 23rd of October.
The Massage Clinic Health Centres, is in need of a RMT to cover surgery leave for one of our Registered Massage Therapist.
For 7 weeks, the hours we need to fill are;
Moday 9am – 6pm
Tuesday 2pm – 8pm
Wednesday 2pm – 8pm
Thursday 7:45am – 2pm
Friday 2pm – 8pm
Alternate Saturdays
Please email us for more details!


What causes slouched posture?

Poor posture is clinically called upper crossed syndrome – a condition that I often see in private practice, and is largely caused by having bad posture for too long! This type of posture is defined by forward rounded shoulders, the head is reaching forward and an exaggerated curve in the neck. It is a condition affecting the majority of the population, from youth to elderly. And it can also create a lot of aches and pains for us too!

Anatomically speaking, upper crossed syndrome is the weakening and lengthening of the upper back and neck muscles and the coincident tightening and shortening of the opposing anterior chest and neck muscles. This type of posture can be correlated with neck pain, headaches, upper back soreness and even low back pain. The good thing is that this posture can be prevented and corrected by combining the correct stretching and strength building exercises. Also, a conscious effort needs to be made on a daily basis to maintain correct posture while walking, standing, sitting at work or driving. This is especially important for those of us who spend hours sitting at a computer workstation.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, Dr. Alexandra can help you work on your posture with specific soft tissue treatments and rehabilitative strengthening.

Call today to set up your complimentary meet and greet with Dr. Alexandra!